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We deliver on a promise of the Internet: Turn-key virtual inventory and fulfillment that generates immediate profits for retailers and offers complete product lines. Improve SEO – Our fully integrated solution feeds products directly onto your site, raising search rankings and enhancing online presence. New revenue stream – Receive at least 40% of retail price from every product sold.

we do

• Provide technology and inventory.
• Manage fulfillment, returns, and repairs.
• Continually update brand selection.
• Advertise and conduct email campaigns to motivate sales.

is a natural new revenue stream for:

• Brick and mortar retailers seeking to add a complete line of products to their websites.
• Online retailers seeking to expand their existing product line with a complete catalogue of new products.
• Department stores seeking to expand their current product offerings with a complete selection of new brands.
• Specialty stores that want to add a new line of products.